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Cables for all intended uses

Thanks to the large product range of cables, wires and plugs of Wire Technologies can be found in the most diverse fields of application:

Cables for mechanical engineering

Flexibility is one of the main requirements for cables and wires for mechanical engineering. In addition, the cables and wires often have a special duty to withstand. The product portfolio of Wire Technologies for Mechanical Engineering is exactly aimed to meet these requirements - whether oil and chemical resistance, flame resistance or halogen-free materials are required. Thanks to the company's knowhow special preparations, which offer an optimal solution for each application, can be realized individually.

Cables for elevator technology

Wire Technologies offers various cables and wires for elevator technology. In addition to a high level of safety and a long service life, the cables and wires from Wire Technologies meet the aspect of cost, even at the highest installation lengths. Whether round cable, flat cable or halogen-free – Wire Technologies offers the perfect cable for elevator technology.

Cables for automation technology

The automation technology is an ever-growing area. Therefore here innovative solutions are required to adapt to the evolving technical requirements and encourage further developments. Wire Technologies offers a wide range of cables and wires, which are ideal for use in automation technology. Custom cable assemblies as well as special customized solutions are always possible.

Cables for communication and information technology

Continuously higher data transfer rate (performance) means also significantly higher frequency with regard to transfer of signals.  In order to have smooth data transfer cables and wire materials for communication and information technology optimum shielding must be guaranteed fulfilled. Cables and wires from Wire Technologies ensure optimum data transmission even under extreme operating conditions.

Cables for drive technology

The development in drive technology is towards more complex cable systems and fully cabled modules with rising data volumes and transmission speeds. Therefore, the cables and wires in drive technology must meet continuously increasing requirements: robustness, extreme flexibility, durability and reliability. The cables and wires from Wire Technologies for drive technology meet these requirements and provide optimum solutions.

Cables for sensors

Sensor cables are widely used in various fields of industry. Accordingly, the technical requirements for these cables are also very broad. The comprehensive product range of Wire Technologies covers all of these requirements. Cable assembly also customized solutions with experience, flexibility, speed and our quality standards are implemented at all times.

Cables for medical technology

Cables and wires for medical technique must meet completely and specifically their own requirements applied for this sensitive resort. Cables and wires from Wire Technologies meet all these requirements, whether they are used in ultrasonic equipment, endoscopes, measuring sensors, implants, picture transfers etc. All materials that are used at production of Wire Technologies, cables for medical applications, are suitable for the most common sterilization processes.

Cables for traffic technology

The product portfolio of Wire Technologies for traffic technology is specially designed for the often very different, technically demanding and complex requirements. Cables and wires from Wire Technologies are distinguished by highest temperature resistance, durability and the use of suitable materials. This enables their use even in extreme conditions.