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Single wires and wire strands
Safe and complex

The demands on single wires and strands are very far-reaching not only control in cabinet manufacturing. Temperature resistance, short-circuit and earth fault safety, are suitable for light and heavy current. Therefore, it is important to have exactly the right products for the chosen application.

Single wires and wire strands

Single wires & wire strands from Wire Technologies are available in various standards and cross-sections. For all strands, it is possible to equip this with ferrules or crimp contacts Tyco, Molex, JST, Grothe & Hartmann.

Eine sichere Beschriftung der Einzeladern & Litzen wird mit vollautomatischen Tintenstrahl-Geräten oder Schrumpfschläuchen und selbstlaminierenden Kabelmarkierern erreicht. Die Konfektionierung aller gängigen Einzeladern wird mit Komax Gamma und Alpha Vollautomaten durchgeführt.

Wire Technologies processes single wire /wire materials according to all common standards like:

  • LiY/LiY with two colour spiral insulation
  • H05V-K s <VDE> or H05V-K with <HAR>
  • X05V-K with two colour spiral insulation
  • H07V-K with <VDE> or H07V-K with <HAR>
  • X07V-K with two colour spiral insulation
  • H05Z-K or H07Z-K without halogen

Multistandard wires according to all common standards MTW, as well as single wire according to UL/CSA Style:

  • 1007/1569
  • 1015
  • 1061/10002
  • 1430
  • 1431
  • 3239
  • 3266
  • usw.

Technical description:

  • AWG 36 - AWG 4/0
  • 0,014mm² - 120mm²


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