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Statement on Conflict Minerals

Statement on Conflict Minerals of using Conflict minerals in our products regarding to “Section 1502 Dodd-Frank-Act”

The US Congress passed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act (the “Dodd Frank Act”) in July 2010. Among other things it makes it binding for companies to document and publicise the presence of the so called conflict minerals when used in their products or in the manufacturing process Coltan, Gold, Cassiterite (tin ore), Wolframite and their derivatives i.e. Tin, Tantalum or Wolfram among other constitute conflict minerals. In this cases it has to be checked whether the minerals used originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or its adjoining countries (DRC countries) and they directly finance or back the armed conflict in the region.
The aim of these regulations is to reduce the trade of conflict minerals and to ensure a high level of protection for humans and for the environment. In principle, Wire Technologies considers this goal to be highly desirable and therefore it is committed to the best possible transparency.
Wire Technologies is not subject to US law and is not subject to the reporting requirements of the Dodd-Frank-Act.
Independent of this, we work with well-known manufacturers and distributors in the clarification of the facts. We are fully dependent on their statements because we are here only a user and not a manufacturer of the purchased parts.
The Wire Technologies does not want to buy any material that contains these conflict minerals, which finance or favour directly or indirectly armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo or neighbouring countries. We get in contact to our suppliers to increase the transparency regarding to the supplied products. We will continue to work closely with customers and suppliers in order to ensure good approaches and practical solutions.